"It was a fantastic way to celebrate diversity and the role of women in innovation and in the economy more broadly. Katrine shared fun but very insightful stories and kept our audience of senior business leaders really engaged. So much so that we asked her to join another panel later in the year."


- Oxford University Business And Economics Program

"Katrine gave an extraordinary talk. Her point of view about what we are missing out on, what the world is missing out on, by NOT paying attention to gender-differentiated needs and opportunities, in product and service design, and how that shapes entire markets, was so powerful."  


- Gender Smart Investing Summit

Keynote topics:


Mother Of Invention: Why Including Women Is The Missing Key To Innovation


Why didn't we get wheels on suitcases until 1972? Why were electric cars considered "feminine" when they first arrived more than 100 yers ago? How come a bra making company created the suit Neil Armstrong wore to the moon?

In this talk, Katrine leads audiences through fascinating examples of how innovators have failed to take women's experiences into account, analysing what they can tell us about women and innovation today. She examines current realms where our ideas about gender are holding innovation back in similar ways making the argument that the future will be shaped by companies that dare to think differently about gender. 


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